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The point of sale system (POS) is a system that helps to manage a company. It takes over and optimizes many administrative and financial tasks.

The POS system can optimize the management of: 


- Finances.


- Administrative papers. 


- All data (customers, suppliers, staff, goods...).


- Stocks (shortage, stock rotation,...).

POS is a computerized network consisting of a host computer connected to several POS terminals and supported by various hardware features ranging from barcode scanners to card payment terminals.

Since businesses have different profiles, they also need different POS systems. For example, restaurants, retail stores and grocery stores all have their own specialties, so they need a POS system that meets their specific needs.

Example: Grocery stores need a point-of-sale scale, while coffee shops need the ability to customize menus for specialties.


In general, there are two main types of businesses that require POS systems. These are retail businesses and hospitality businesses such as restaurants and hotels. This also means that there are primarily two appropriate POS systems, one for retail and one for food service operations.