Merchandising ... What is it?

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Merchandising is the art of displaying products in a store in such a way we can say that these products are selling themselves.


This technique, which has developed with the growth of self-service sales and the emergence of large-scale retail outlets, takes into account a series of in-depth studies that look at consumer behavior and continually adapts to the changing needs of the market.


The aim behind this practice is to increase the turnover of distributors and producers all over the world.


Indeed, these actors act in order to accelerate the flow of products, so they can increase the profitability of their points of sale.


The success of this method is conditioned by the answer to a set of fundamental questions according to Kepner, namely:


  • Which product ? 


  • Where can I find it ? 


  • When will I find it ? 


  • How much will it cost ? 


  • In which amount will I find it ? 


  • With which information ?


Moreover, the realization of merchandising, must reconcile the interests of 3 actors that it is often difficult to make converge.


The consumer, the supplier and the distributor.


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