How to succeed in merchandising ?

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How to ensure successful merchandising ?


Merchandising is one of the most recognized techniques to increase the sales of any product.


Nowadays, the majority of actors in the field recommend this sales method.


To succeed in merchandising, it is necessary to take into account these 5 fundamental points :

1- Offer the right product : 


The point of sale must offer a wide enough range of products so that consumers can choose between several qualities, several prices and different brands. A good product is also synonymous with good packaging: its packaging, its shape, its color, its texture...


Offering a large range of products enables you to better satisfy your customers needs and wants.


2- Choose the right place : 


The place means where the company's product or service is seen, manufactured, sold or distributed. 


It is obviously a question here of finding the strategic place that helps you in terms of visibility and proximity to your clients. 


The choice of the right place must be thoughtful. 


Having a good product in the right place enables you to better satisfy your existing clients and helps you to make more profit by selling more because of the proximity and the quality and the large range of your products. 


3- Focus on quality :


Focusing on the quality of the products you have to offer will allow you to really satisfy the needs and desires of the consumer. 




The characteristics of your offers must essentially meet the requirements of your target in terms of quality.

The customer is the cornerstone of your business, so make their satisfaction a priority and avoid disappointing them. 

4- Sell at the right price :


Indeed, the right definition of your pricing policy is fundamental.


The level of pricing you choose to apply to your products will say a lot about the nature of your offer, condition your positioning, and finally link the profitability level of your business.


Price plays a crucial role in winning over the customers you have in your sights, so besides focusing your efforts only on the place, the range and the quality of your products. Work on developing the right pricing strategy of your offers to better satisfy your clients. 


5- At the appropriate time :


In order to activate the lever and start the sales process, it is important that the offer is made at the right time.


It is essential to take into consideration the needs and desires of your potential customers. And offering the right product at the right place with the price at the right time is the key factor to better satisfy your existing clients and acquire new customers. 


Therefore, be up to date with the latest news, arrange your shelves according to the themes of each period of the year, take into account the holidays, events or other occasions.