How to register an expense in Precision Systems

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The "Expenses" section allows you to record the cash outflows due to regular expenses and to keep track of the disbursements of the institution.

To record an expense, simply follow the steps below:

From your menu, go to "Expenses."

Press the "+Expense" button located at the top of your screen to add your expense

A chat box will be displayed, fill in the information about the expense in question

In the first field, enter the amount of the expense using the numeric keypad and validate.

Then specify the reason, the nature and/or the purpose of your expense in the "Reason" field 

Then justify your expense in the "Justification" field.

To do this, you can :

Take a picture or scan the label by pressing "Camera" or "Scan a document" respectively to activate the camera of your device

Choose a photo or a file from your album or library by pressing "Photos" or "File" respectively.

Once you have completed the required fields, you will only have to press the button at the bottom of the chat box to save your expense.

This way, your expense will appear in the list of expenses for the day/session and will be taken into account for the calculation of variances.

Once saved, the administrator will be able to view the expenses in the revenue management section from his admin interface from the web or from his mobile application myPrecision.