How to Add customers in bulk

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How to Add customers in bulk

As a retailer, it is not impossible that you are in short supply of time

Precision Systems takes this into consideration and gives you the opportunity to insert all your customers in your database all at once


To save time and insert your customers quickly

To do this, follow these steps:

1- Log in to your myPrecision administrator interface 


2- On the sidebar on the left of your screen, go to the " Customer accounts" section

3- You will land on your customer database, from which you will be able to possible de download an insertion template from the located at the top left of the yellow "Import customers" button 


4-Once you have downloaded the insertion template, enter your customers and the information related to them, taking lines 2 and 3 as an example

  • Enter the first name or the full name of the customer in the 1st column

  • His email address in the 2nd

  • His phone number in the 3rd

  • His gender in the 4th

  • His date of birth in the 5th

  • His address in the 6th

  • An additional address in the 7th

  • And finally additional information or a comment about him on the 8th.

Proceed in the same way for the rest of your customers

5- When your file is complete, press the yellow button  


And choose from your library the file you have downloaded and completed.


6-Validate your selection and it's done!


You will be able to find all the customers you have entered in the file in your Precision Systems’ customer database.

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