How to track orders and deliveries on Precision Systems

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Precision Systems has developed a module for managing and tracking orders through all stages of their life cycle.

A powerful and comprehensive tool that allows you to keep an eye on the whole process.


To access and start taking advantage of it, 

Log in to your administrator interface from the web.

Then, go to the "Tracking deliveries" section accessible from the "E-commerce" section of the sidebar menu on the left of your screen, then press "In progress".



Press the "+ Add Order" button to start initiating an order and start tracking it.




Step 1:


Fill in the details of the customer for whom the order is intended.

If the customer is a regular customer and already exists in your database, search for them in the first customer selection field.






If it is a new customer or a customer that does not exist in your database, add it from the second button "Add a customer" and fill in the form to create its file.





Note that:

 Once you have created the customer to be assigned to the order, they will automatically be added to your customer database.




Step 2:


This step is dedicated to the order information,




Its source




The product or products ordered by the customer


The quantity ordered





> Proceed to fill in the form by selecting the appropriate source among those proposed in the list


Select a filter for your product search, type the corresponding title in the "search for a product" field, then select its quantity.


To add more products press the "+Add product" button.



To send an electronic receipt to your customer, check

"Send an email containing the ticket to the customer".


In the discount field, you can make reductions by inserting the amount to be deducted from the total to be invoiced.


Step 3:


Control/storage configuration



From the first drop-down list, choose which of your shops (if you have more than one) will collect the money and record the sale.





From the second drop-down list, select the stock from which the product will be deducted.


Then press "confirm" to save the order.


The record of your order will then appear in the first column of your tracking kanban.




When the button is pressed: the record will be automatically reserved and assigned to the active user



To save the delivery data of the order, press :

Then fill in the form:


1- Select the transport company that will handle the transfer



Note that:

You can add the transport companies of your choice from the settings.


2- Insert the estimated date of receipt of the order in the "delivery date" field



3- Assign the record to a delivery status



Note that:

Each report corresponds to a column in your tracking kanban, so the order will be moved to the column corresponding to the report you have entered.



If you choose as the status for this order, the record will automatically be moved to the "In progress" column when you have finished completing the form.



4- Fill in the tracking number provided by the delivery company 


5- Fill in the recipient's address in the corresponding fields

6- Then press "confirm" to validate 


Note that:

You can still change the recipient of the order at this level from the "Contact details" section at the bottom of the form.




To save the payment details of the order, press :

Then fill in the form:


1- Select the shop that will collect the amount and record the sale.


2- In the order type choose "Advance payment" to record a partial payment, and "Full payment" to record a full payment.



Note that:

- If you choose "Full payment" the total amount of the order will be automatically inserted in the "Amount" field and cannot be changed manually.

To modify it, choose ”Advance as payment type.

- If you choose ”Advance the remaining amount will be calculated automatically and displayed below the Total as Remaining.



3-Choose the means by which the customer will have paid you the payment method in "Payment method".



Press to confirm the registration of the payment.


Expenses and other intermediate consumption:

To save the data on the costs incurred for the order, press :  


Then fill in the form:


1- Press to register and then fill in the fields that will be displayed.



2- Select the type of fee to be recorded in the "Type" list.



3- Select the means by which you paid the fees in "Payment method". 



4- Then insert the amount committed in "Amount".


Modification :

You can change the order information by pressing the button

This will allow you to change the products in the order, their quantities, the discounts that have been applied or even the recipient.


Shipping label:

Press   to generate the shipping label to be stuck on the package to be delivered.



How can you change the status of the order ?


You can change the status of the order in two ways :


1- Grab the card with the mouse, then drag it to the desired column and let go.

2- Go to "Delivery".


Then make the desired change from the "Status" field




Move your card to the "Returned" column of your kanban and press to insert the refund information (if there is any refund)



If the returned order has already been cashed, and you wish to make a refund:

1- Choose the method of refund in the field "Payment method".

2- Insert the amount you wish to refund in "Amount".

3- Choose from which turnover you want to deduct the amount by selecting a date in the calendar   .

Then press add to validate the refund registration.




Once the order has been delivered and paid for, move the order record to the "Paid and Archived" column of your Tracking Kanban.


You can then find it in your "Archive" accessible from the sidebar.