Add new customers during a sale


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 There are several ways to add customers to Precision Systems to build your database,

If you haven't already done so, we invite you to read our article How to Add Customers to Your Database in Precision Systems to learn about the other methods and to adopt the one that works best for you in each of the situations in which you will be creating a customer record.

Meeting a new customer for the first time during a sale and having to create a loyalty account for them is one of the most likely situations.

Precision Systems takes this information into account and therefore allows you to create a customer record at this time without having to abandon the progress of an ongoing sale.

This method can be done from two screens:

 1 - Add a customer from the sales screen:

 To do this and while recording a sale when you are in the "Counter Order" section accessible from the Menu


 Press on the Customer search box, in the upper part of the sidebar on the right,

Press the "Add << >>  as a new customer" bubble that will appear to the left of the search area.

The form allowing you to fill in your customer's data will appear.

So fill in the required fields for the creation of the customer record.

Note that:

You can add custom fields to your customer record creation form from your Precision Systems Web administrator interface.

See our guide on How to Add Custom Fields to the Customer Record 



Once you have finished filling out the form, press "Create Account", located in the upper right hand corner of the chat box, to confirm the creation of the customer record.


The customer will then be added to your database.

It will also appear in the search zone so that the current sale is attributed to it.



At this point you will only have to continue with the registration of the current sale and proceed to the payment.


 2 - Add a customer from the payment screen:

 To do this, once you have passed to the payment screen, click on "Add a customer" in the Customer section. 


A chat box containing your list of customers will appear,

You will be able to choose one from your existing database 


Add a new one by clicking on "Create an account", located in the upper right corner of the chat box, fill in the customer data fields and confirm the creation by clicking on "Create an account".

The newly created customer will appear on your payment page, and the sale will be attributed to him.


To modify or add information to the customer files you have created, consult our guide How to edit a customer file.