6 Tips to improve retail sales

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Being a good seller relies mostly on proactivity , anticipating customers expectations and convincing skills .

We are giving you 6 Retail Sales techniques and tips here – so that you can reach and exceed your sales objectives more easily.


1- Give Shoppers a Reason to Visit Your Store


Imagine being  cozied up in your pajamas watching a series at Netflix on your couch . Will you really consider trekking through the snow to make a purchase in your storefront while you could just browse for a similar product on Amazon Prime, and have it at your doorstep by tomorrow afternoon? 

Certainly , being able to buy anything in two clicks from our bedroom discourages us as clients to go to physical stores , yet , we still want to try and see the items live ! So , what to do as a retailer business owner ? A good basic move is to have a special in-store discount , or maybe a good ambiance where for example we can drink a cup of tea while doing our shopping ? Whatever you propose in your store , our advice is to make customers' experience unique !


2- A perfect customer service   


It is needless to say that a bad service would not only make you lose clients , but also prospects that might be interested … We won’t remind you that welcoming is essential , and , ideally , to have a staff who knows the products on your floor just as well as your manufacturers sales representative do. The customers need to be sure of what they will buy , no matter what the price is .So the employees should be able to identify the product, and be aware of all its features and benefits in order to sell it properly using the best in-store sales techniques


3- Create a user experience


If possible, give your customer the possibility to experience :  if it is a food product for example , have him taste it…

Not only will it make it easier to convince the buyer, but you will also project them into the “post-purchase” phase – as if the purchase decision had already been made.


4- Celebrate All the Little Holidays


Why don’t you use all the “National Days” for your benefit ? Of course, I’m not suggesting that you celebrate every one of these “holidays” , but it is worth celebrating days that are particularly relevant to your retail offerings,  like Valentine’s Day . When you embrace these days, release special limited-edition products around them for example , or offer deals in festive holidays colors, it gets people excited !


5- Eliminate the wait


 Research shows that “Americans  leave a checkout line without making a purchase after 8 minutes of waiting.” 

Long wait times kill sales , it’s a fact . We suggest you use a system that manages the queue such as Precision POS for example , which has that interesting functionality .


6- Digitizing manual processes


There are  dozens of manual processes and  tasks that take up a large proportion of employee time. Time that could be better spent interacting with customers and satisfying them.

Inventory checking, task management and scheduling are one of them , and executing them manually increases the chances to have mistakes on reports , as human errors are more commonly made due to tiredness for example . By choosing a cloud-based system, retailers can use hundreds of hours for their profits and boost their revenues by making sales.

As a conclusion , working with retail store customers requires highly effective communication skills. Regularly sharpening competencies that serve clients satisfaction is the main key to increase sales .