5 Good practices to be the best in your customer's mind

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In an age where consumers have easy access to information and a tremendous platform to give their opinion, preserving customer trust is vital. That's why this article is a must-read to gain a place in your customer's heart! 

Here are the 5 practices that you need to apply immediately for a better business! 


1* Be honest and transparent.

Have you ever seen a consumer complaining that the companies they purchase from aren't shady and deceitful enough?

No, consumers trust honest, transparent companies. Our first advice is that your marketing shouldn’t be specious. Don't guarantee in your sales something you won't deliver on.

Be straightforward, ethical, and sincere, your clients will be amazed. 

2* Share positive reviews and testimonials.

Real customers' experiences are often seen as more objective and hold more weight than a company's marketing. It’s a fact.

As clients have access to different platforms where brands and businesses are sometimes severely criticized or warmly thanked, it’s obvious that customers’ recommendations count a lot more.

That's why it serves to share satisfied customers' positive experiences, your clients will base their purchase decision mostly on this reference. 

3* Commit to Social Media

The key here is to be consistent. It’s more important than quality when it comes to being in your customer's mind. Let us explain more.

Your competitors will be showing up on social media, so to be on the top, you need to be also visible. The more your brand appears to customers, the more they will remember you.

That doesn’t mean you should publish anything that comes to your mind, but it does mean you shouldn’t post 7 months after for a perfect blog or page. Be active.

4* Be reachable.

In France for example, a good brand is scored by its customer service. It’s a fundamental part that needs to be taken care of so you can reach customers’ confidence.

Here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Be reliably reachable. 
  • Your service reps must comprise professionals to ensure perfect assistance for your clients. Remember, a patient and respectful agent can keep an angry customer.
  • Be caring. If customers know you care, you have more chances to be trusted.
5* Give them an Oscar 

Well, not literally. But make them feel special. It’s crucial. 

Dale Carnegie once said, “A person’s name is to him or her the sweetest and most important sound in any language.”

Create a privilege with them, interview them, let them feel you know each one of them … and let the magic operate!

As a conclusion, the most efficient way to gain customers' love is authenticity. When you have that quality, a customer can trust even your business flaws. 

So if you read this article till here, we hope that we helped you to reach that objective and … thank us later !