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Your E-shop on mobile application

Gain an additional virtual point of sale!
Precision Systems provides you with an online store, on MyPrecision mobile application, instantly built from your product and or service catalog.

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Your E-shop on mobile application
  • Your company in your pocket

    • Track your business and manage your activity remotely
    • Manage your sales teams and monitor their performance
    • Approve or disapprove specific transactions (refunds, modifications, cancellations,...)
    • Be notified of cash discrepancies and other fraud attempts

    Your company in your pocket

    • Receive alerts when critical inventory levels are reached in your stores and plan their restocking
    • Develop and maintain relationships with your customers
    • Gain an additional point of sale on a mobile app with your dedicated E-shop on MyPrecision and increase your turnover!

  • Enjoy a unique shopping experience

    • Receive and benefit from the exclusive offers of your favorite stores
    • Find out about the best deals near where you are
    • Get your favorite products remotely from anywhere and anytime
    • Compare offers and prices quickly and effortlessly

    Your company in your pocket

    • Save time in the store
    • Easily collect and access your loyalty cards from one place
    • Collect your loyalty points

Find out how Precision Systems can help you grow your business

Present your products and services in a more ergonomic and attractive way and boost your sales.

Your company in your pocket
Your company in your pocket

Make a place for business in your customers' mobile, and create a strong connection with your audience by offering them exclusive offers and a personalized shopping experience!

Detect nearby customers and invite them to come visit your store and take advantage of your good deals.

Your company in your pocket

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